Advice For Healthcare Professionals Travelling The World

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Advice For Healthcare Professionals Travelling The World

Travel is exciting, but there are many pitfalls for the unsuspecting traveller, especially if you are inexperienced.

The Jarrodean Team has vast experience in supporting candidates in relocating to the UK from all over the world.

When you are in the early stages of information gathering you need clear, accurate information on which to base the decisions you make, from an experienced team you can trust.

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We recommend you consider the following questions: 

Have I allowed enough time to complete registration with the NMC or HCPC? (International candidates need to allow at least six months for this process) 

Do I need a medical check, blood tests or vaccinations? 

What fees are associated with my relocation? How much are they? Will the agency or hospital help with these? 

Am I eligible to undertake employment in the UK? What visa options do I have? 

Will I need a criminal records check from home, as well as one from the UK? 

Will there be anyone to help me with my registration and visa processes?

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A change in your career can be daunting at any time, especially when this involves the cultural adjustment of a new country… 

Think about what you want out of your new job; what is the most important motivation? Money, location, career progression? 

Be open minded about other locations, but do consider each one carefully; e.g. London may be the only city you know of, but it’s certainly not the only UK city worth living in! 

Ask to be put in touch with other healthcare professionals from your country who have lived and worked in the areas on offer.

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