Candidate Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what our candidates have to say about us…

Raquel Simões, Portugal
New UK job, NICU Specialist Nurse, London
“My new job is in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in a leading private hospital in London. I found Jarrodean to be excellent, very effective and efficient taking care of our interests and our benefits. What I really found most reassuring was the great affection and liking that they have with people. I really liked their availability and professionalism. I always feel security and confidence about working with Jarrodean. Finding my new job was made so easy and what I found most reassuring was the ongoing communication and help from the team”.

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Wendy Crocker, British Nurse, returning to the UK after several years working abroad
New UK Job, Senior Recovery Nurse, Brighton
“When I decided to move back to the U.K I thought the job search would be the hardest task, but thanks to Shayne and his team it really has been the easiest. Within a very short time they have helped me to secure a full-time job in the speciality I want and in the location I want. I have found Jarrodean to be extremely professional, efficient and really nice to deal with. I shall recommend them to any friends considering moving back” 

Adriano Vaccone, Theatre Nurse
New UK Job, Neurosurgery Scrub Nurse, London
“Shayne è un eccellente recruiter: sa capire immediatamente le necessità e le capacità dei candidati. Sa mettere a proprio agio chi non è proprio esperto della lingua inglese parlando in inglese correttamente. La sua formazione infermieristica gli permette di valutare immediatamente dove poter collocare i candidati. Inoltre è molto scrupoloso, accurato nei dettagli e generoso”
“Shayne is an excellent recruiter: he immediately understands the needs and capabilities of his candidates. He is reassuring in English to those are not so expert in the language. His nursing education allows to assess immediately where to place candidates. He is very thorough, with attention to detail and generous”

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