Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)
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Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)

The Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) is the statutory regulator for the following professions: Arts Therapists, Biomedical Scientists, Chiropodists / Podiatrists, Clinical Scientists, Dieticians, Hearing aid dispensers, Occupational Therapists, Operating Department Practitioners, Orthoptists, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Practitioner Psychologists, Prosthetists / Orthotists, Radiographers, Speech & Language Therapists and Social Workers (in England)

Similar to the NMC for Nurses, the HCPC was set up to protect the public. To keep a Register of health and care professionals who meet their standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

All of these professions have at least one professional title that is protected by law, including those shown above. This means, for example, that anyone using the titles ‘Physiotherapist’ or ‘Dietician’ must be registered with the HCPC.

It is a criminal offence for someone to claim that they are registered when they are not, or to use a protected title that they are not entitled to use.

If you have qualified outside the UK you should first process your HCPC registration before beginning to apply for specific positions. You can do this by visiting the HCPC website here;


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