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Jarrodean Healthcare Recruitment works with both the States of Guernsey government and private healthcare sectors, providing healthcare professionals to the island’s main hospital, adult learning disabilities service, mental health units, and care homes.

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Experts in Healthcare Recruitment
We have specialised in healthcare staffing for more than 20 years, with experience in recruiting healthcare staff for both public and private sector roles. We differ from other healthcare recruitment specialists because we adopt a nurse-led approach. Our team is comprised of registered nurses who are able to offer an invaluable insight into what’s required of a candidate, and it is this insight that gets us results, making us the go-to choice for filling healthcare jobs in Guernsey. 
Unlike many recruitment agencies, we prioritise finding the right job for the right candidate rather than simply looking to fill a position as quickly as possible. Our recruitment specialists have all worked extensively in the healthcare sector and know what to expect from the recruitment process and the jobs we seek to fill. This makes us best placed to advise and support candidates throughout the process because we’ve all been in the same position, but it also means we know what the employer expects and we are able to efficiently narrow down our candidate lists accordingly.

Leading Healthcare Relocation Recruitment Specialists


Fill Vacancies Fast
We work extensively with our clients to understand what they need, but we also work at length with candidates to prepare them for the recruitment process to ensure efficient results first-time round. We understand how important it is to find the right fit for the job in a short timeframe. In healthcare, time is of the essence. We use our expert industry knowledge to help fill Guernsey vacancies as fast as possible, ensuring we put forward the very best candidates who will be able to uphold the values of their profession. 
We prepare candidates for interviews, with our healthcare recruitment team using their industry knowledge and lived-in experience to give applicants the best possible chance of succeeding and taking the next step in their healthcare career.


Leading Healthcare Relocation Recruitment Specialists 
With a relatively small population, filling vacant Guernsey healthcare jobs is often achieved by attracting talented professionals from the UK and sometimes further afield. At Jarrodean Healthcare Recruitment, we have years of experience in helping patient-led healthcare staff make the move to leading healthcare providers throughout the British Isles, including in the Channel Islands. 
Through our international networks, we are able to connect with healthcare candidates who are registered in the UK, including returning UK and Irish expats from around the world, inviting them to bring their international skills and experience to Guernsey.
We can provide valuable information and insight into the Guernsey relocation process, such as discussing the appropriate permits which are required if you want to live and work on the island, as well as the fact that in order to work in Guernsey you must hold relevant professional registration in the UK. If you have any questions about nursing in Guernsey, our expert team can help and give you more information on the support available during the relocation process.

Wide Range of Healthcare Vacancies 
We are trusted to expertly match healthcare professionals with a wide range of nursing, theatre and allied health positions across the Channel Islands. Whatever the post, we utilise our many years of experience to find a capable candidate with the appropriate clinical skills and experience.

Recruit with Jarrodean Healthcare Recruitment

If you are a healthcare employer in Guernsey, get in touch with our team to learn how we can support you in finding the right member of staff. Alternatively, if you’re a healthcare professional looking for a job in Guernsey, call us on 01480 262 480 or contact us and our expert team will assist you in finding your next position.
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