Carbon Reduction Plan

Our Aim – Reducing our environmental impact.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and establishing sustainable business practices that reduce our carbon footprint. We have a responsibility to our local communities and future generations to take action on climate change.


Route to Success

Compliance and Managing Change

Minimise environmental impacts in service delivery by:

Identifying current impact;

Assess and manage risks when instigating change;

Report and investigate incidents apply lessons learnt;

Comply with legislative requirements, industry best practise and Client Contract Terms.

Social Impact

Support our Colleagues to work in ways that improve work life balance;

Promote our inclusive culture;

Encourage our Colleagues to embrace personal commitment to reduce individual carbon footprint;

Support our local communities through  social value.


Net Zero


Follow our Net Zero strategy:


Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to achieve net-zero target by 2030. Prioritising decarbonisation to reach net zero emissions and reduce our  impact on climate change.

Identifying Emission Categories:

Category 1 are emissions we make directly: office heating, car fuel.

Category 2 indirect emissions  – generated from purchased electricity.

Category 3 are emissions that occur in our day to day operations: business travel, employee commuting.

Promoting sustainable business practises


Engaging with Colleagues, Colleagues have elected that all colleagues will work from home. Impact  Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3

Reduce energy use


No central office – no longer using unnecessary energy.

Impact  Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3

Increase use of renewable energy


All colleagues encouraged to use renewable energy and LED light bulbs.

Impact Cat 2

Reduce transport emissions


Home Working.

Electric Company Vehicles.

No unnecessary daily travelling and meetings held on teams.

Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3

Reduce waste and increase recycling


Company policy re waste and recycling of toners, cartridges, paper, cardboard etc No unnecessary printing. Business is paperless.

Impact Cat 2 Cat 3

Use materials efficiently and buy materials from sustainable sources


Company policy re buying and using materials sourced from approved suppliers.

Impact Cat 2 Cat 3


We Will


Report environmental incidents and near misses promptly;

Identify and minimise potential environmental impact;

Support sustainable environmental practise;

Consult with and listen to colleagues to

Monitor our emissions and continuously assess and improve our procedures;

shape policy and policy enforcement recognising that net zero can only be effectively achieved with the co-operation of all involved.

Operate our business in the most environmentally friendly way possible, reducing our carbon footprint.