Arthur Ferrero-Parfrey

Recruitment Hound

Arthur as you can see, is a very handsome miniature smooth Dachshund – miniature in size only, Arthur has been a member of the team here at Jarrodean us since he was an eight week old puppy – you could say becoming a Recruitment Hound was inevitable.
Those early days of chewing through cables bringing the entire office to a complete halt were soon replaced by standing guard over us, protecting us from the postman and any couriers that dared bring deliveries anywhere near.
It was obvious Arthur was destined to be an international ambassador for the benefits of four-legged employees and the huge value they bring to the stresses of a busy office environment.
Always first in the office each morning, Arthur waits by the office door to welcome his ‘office aunties and uncles’ who make sure there is a treat in their desk drawers.

Arthur has his own Facebook Page so feel free to add him to your ‘likes’

Facebook Page

arthur the dog